"my goal is to capture the authentic connection between humans, their genuine love.
those small moments that hold big feelings."
Hey I'm Ash!
Lover of the outdoors, watercolour art addict, wife to my best friend, professional basketball player.
I'm that girl that loves to watch romantic movies even though I already know how they're going to end. Truth is, what I'm really there for is the STORY of how the couple gets together. I genuinely just love love... super corny, I know! But I love to see how it unfolds & comes to be between two people. 
I think that's why I love photographing people in all stages of love- engaged couples that have decided to spend forever with one another, wedding days where that forever officially begins & their love is celebrated with all the closest people in their lives, and families... bringing new life into this world.
Shoot me an email and let's dream up something together!
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